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Welcome to Re-register to! We’ve made it easy for you to help America by abandoning both the Democrat Party and the Republican Party, once and for all. Californians can re-register to vote here. It takes about 1 minute.

We encourage you to re-register to vote as “Libertarian” or “Independent” and then connect with other Independent-minded Americans at, where we are beginning a citizen effort to join citizens together and start bringing – not demanding, but bringing – accountability to our government agencies, starting with my own county’s Polling Places. More information on this can be found on and

Re-RegisterOnline Click here to register online. Enter your ZIP code to get started. It takes about one minute to complete!

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Both major political parties are corrupt. Both have had their chances to fix America’s problems and have chosen to FAIL at balancing the federal budget, at dealing with immigration or even at finding a way to work together! We believe it’s time we ABANDON BOTH PARTIES and We the People will start deciding who will run for President, not two corrupt, dishonest groups of rich liars who are probably really just one party, pretending to be two parties.

Both parties are trying to divide We the People into two camps and we refuse to follow their lead! We the People are one people – Americans! We don’t need a D or an R after our name, and we’ve learned that politicians with those letters after their names tend to be dishonest, corrupt, deceiving, self-serving and are no longer welcome in the Congress that belongs to We the People. America is a nation of the people, for the people and by the people. No longer will we be of the politicians, for the politicians and by the politicians. Those days are OVER! Re-register to vote now! Click here